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Always wanted to help children?

Afraid that you don’t have enough experience?

Contact us now at 480-478-0178 to learn how you can be part of our vision for helping children and their families.

Do your friends and family members come to you for help with life situations?

Are you excited and passionate about helping children and families?

Do you see potential and talents in children and families?

Do you want to be part of a company focused on becoming a “worldwide guide for positive growth.”

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the questions above, you may have a talent changing children and family’s lives.

How do you become a behavioral coach?

Fill out our Independent Contractor (IC) application and begin your training now.

What is an IC?

As an IC, you are your own boss.  You work as much or as little as you want.  IC’s can work from home, adjust their schedule around their family life or can act as a second job providing additional income.

IC’s must pay their own withholding taxes but are also eligible for many tax deductions for expenses related to your business.

What if I don’t have any education or experience?

If you are passionate and have a talent for helping children, it is time to begin your training now.  Training lasts for a long or as little as you need it depending on your education, experience, and comfort level.  Training consists of learning our unique positive approach to helping families and then shadowing and working directly with another experience IC.  Together you will decide when you are ready to work independently.

How much will I get paid?

Pay is based on education, experience and training with bonus options available based on referrals.

When can I start?

Complete the Independent Contractor (IC) application and begin training now!

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    Hi Jasmine – I am glad that you have found your talents and are motivated to use them to help others. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I also provide behavioral coaching training, certification, and additional business supports that can help you do what I am doing out here in Arizona. Either way, I am excited for you and wish you well. – Eric

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    Hi Pam – Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Let me know if you still have any questions or are interested in additional business supports. – Eric

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    Hi Lindsey – Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Let me know if you still have any questions or are interested in additional business supports. – Eric

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    Hi Gabrielle – Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Let me know if you still have any questions or are interested in additional business supports. – Eric

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Behavioral Coach Certification

What will you learn during the Independence Behavioral Coaching (IBC) certification training?

IBC’s behavioral coaching certification program is research based program, which combines the principals of attachment theory with applied behavioral analysis.

Why choose our certification over other behavioral programs?

  • Children learn best from those they are attached to
  • Parents are more patient and motivated when they have a strong bond with their children
  • Empowered parents and teachers reduces overall anxiety, which decreased behavior problems
  • Helping the parent and teacher empowers them to generalize those skills to more than one behavioral problem

The following Behavioral Consultation certification is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of all of the following competencies:

  • Behavioral Consultation Basics
  • Building Relationships
  • Increasing Behavioral Awareness
  • Supporting Behavioral Growth
  • Crisis Management
  • Behavioral Assessment and Planning
  • Business Builder

To learn more about behavioral coaching and why you should get certified, click HERE.

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So What Do We Offer You?

Learn how to celebrate your child’s talents, manage the difficult behaviors and guide your child to discover his or her best Self!!!

IBC’s services are as follows:

-       Behavioral Assessment: Understand what is causing challenging behavior, how to change the environment, celebrate your child’s talents and implement behavioral support techniques to set your child up for success.

-       Behavioral Coaching: Learn how to role-playing and practicing recommended behavioral support techniques to bring about positive change.

-       Behavioral Consultation: Get help in your classroom with your students challenging behaviors, increase general education and special education communication and support.

-       Daycare/Schools Behavioral Trainings: Train your teachers how to use proactive behavior management strategies, direct practice and role-play difficult behavior management and crisis de-escalation.

Phone and/or Online Service Delivery

IBC offers behavioral assessment and coaching services via phone or online scheduling.

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