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Positive Discipline"

Having problems getting your child to do what you want them to do?

Does it seem as if punishment does not really work for your child?

There is hope and it is…

Positive Discipline!

What is positive discipline?

Positive discipline focuses on teaching a child what they “SHOULD DO” instead of what they “SHOULDN’T DO.”

Positive discipline is setting up your child for success.

Most of us think of discipline as rewards and consequences.

Have you ever tried to set up a consequence that ends up being a reward?

Remember the old saying:

“Children want positive attention but if they can’t get that then they will choose negative attention over no attention at all.”

Setting up rewards and consequences is a tricky thing.  We should always first make sure children have mastered what they should do.

What about the negative or inappropriate behavior?

First, always rule out the possibilities of everything other than your child’s behavior.

Look at changing things like diet, sleep schedules, and household rules first.

What else can you do?

What about rewards and consequences?

Behavior change works best by:

-        Clearly define expectations, rewards and consequences

-        Role-play and practice the desired behaviors

-        Reward with enthusiasm; consequence unemotionally

Behavior change takes time and guidance.

Behavioral coaching can be a powerful support tool to help change and support positive growth to occur more quickly.

Behavioral coaching works because it teaches parents how to empower their children.



Behavioral Coach Certification

What will you learn during the Independence Behavioral Coaching (IBC) certification training?

IBC’s behavioral coaching certification program is research based program, which combines the principals of attachment theory with applied behavioral analysis.

Why choose our certification over other behavioral programs?

  • Children learn best from those they are attached to
  • Parents are more patient and motivated when they have a strong bond with their children
  • Empowered parents and teachers reduces overall anxiety, which decreased behavior problems
  • Helping the parent and teacher empowers them to generalize those skills to more than one behavioral problem

The following Behavioral Consultation certification is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery of all of the following competencies:

  • Behavioral Consultation Basics
  • Building Relationships
  • Increasing Behavioral Awareness
  • Supporting Behavioral Growth
  • Crisis Management
  • Behavioral Assessment and Planning
  • Business Builder

To learn more about behavioral coaching and why you should get certified, click HERE.

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So What Do We Offer You?

Learn how to celebrate your child’s talents, manage the difficult behaviors and guide your child to discover his or her best Self!!!

IBC’s services are as follows:

-       Behavioral Assessment: Understand what is causing challenging behavior, how to change the environment, celebrate your child’s talents and implement behavioral support techniques to set your child up for success.

-       Behavioral Coaching: Learn how to role-playing and practicing recommended behavioral support techniques to bring about positive change.

-       Behavioral Consultation: Get help in your classroom with your students challenging behaviors, increase general education and special education communication and support.

-       Daycare/Schools Behavioral Trainings: Train your teachers how to use proactive behavior management strategies, direct practice and role-play difficult behavior management and crisis de-escalation.

Phone and/or Online Service Delivery

IBC offers behavioral assessment and coaching services via phone or online scheduling.

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